Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Devilish Enthusiasm

©Nemo's Locker
Today it's the turn of a Court card from the Book of Azathoth Tarot (Nemo's Locker, 2012)! 

Here we have the rather devillishly charming Prince (Knight) of Wands.  He rides a dragon charger, and seems very confident with his mount, able to carry a long wand in one hand while reining in his stead with the other.  Behind him are pyramids in the distance, an expanse of wavy sand between him and them.  Dragons fly in the border around him, too.

The song that pops into my head with this one is another oldie: That Ole Devil Called Love!  The Prince of Wands may be less of a charmer than the Prince of Cups, but what he lacks in sweet talk, he makes up for in passion and enthusiasm ;)

I'm not sure whether today this Prince of Wands is myself or my Dear One.  We have a romantic meal out planned for this evening, which we're in need of.  The last while has been quite tough with Big Boy, and DO lost the plot a bit yesterday.  So, a little time away, with some fun and passion, sounds like a good idea.  And if he can't muster the enthusiasm, I shall just have to muster it for the both of us :D

I am grateful for interesting restaurants, and babysitters.


  1. Wow--what an unusual Knight of Wands! Very devil-like! I like your interpretation. And I do sincerely hope you get some respite from the struggles with BB. I am sorry to hear things have been so rough. :(

    I like your harnessing passion idea. Teehee. But seriously--sometimes you really need to let loose when stress has been building up. It has to go somewhere!

    Much Love,

    1. Hiya MM,

      Nice to *see* you here :) Hope things are well with you!

      As for BB, I feel I've been coping okay, just staying mellow. However, my DO sometimes gets very upset. I think, as a guy, the powerlessness bothers him a lot...

      I guess, in terms of harnessing passion, I see it as pointing your mount in the right direction before you give him free rein to charge ;D

      Much love,

  2. I hope you two have a lovely night out. Lots of hugs and kanoodling. :) x