Friday, 25 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Cherry Twilight

This lovely deck is the companion to the Lilac Twilight, and is also available by emailing Anna Simonova

It's an interesting idea: you can use the decks together, either as a double deck, or for the mobile houses technique, or to draw clarifiers for a particular card or combo.  And they are complementary.  For example, the Lilac has Songbirds, the Cherry has Owls, the Lilac has a female Rider, the Cherry a male one, the Lilac an open book, while in the Cherry the book is closed.

Cherry Twilight

As for today's draw, we have the Tower, the Owls and the Clover.

A nervous corporation will have little luck.
The official spokesperson seizes an opportunity.
Corporate negotiations go well.
Talking with officialdom brings some happiness.

Looks like a good combo for anyone dealing with officialdom or involved in business, though perhaps not a great day.

Yesterday, I managed to get a cancellation appointment for today with one of Big Boy's consultants.  These cards make me think he will be able to help, though perhaps only to relieve some symptoms rather than getting at the underlying cause.  They also advise that I make the most of whatever is on offer.

I am grateful for the NHS, despite it's shortcomings.


  1. (i think you reposted yesterdays image rather than the cards you describe today?)

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, TB. Have now corrected it :)