Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Lilac Twilight

This is another deck from the Russian publishing house that also did the Old Castle, and the Cherry Twilight, which I'll show tomorrow.  To order, the best idea is to write an email to Anna Simonova, who, I'm told, will answer in English.

This is the second edition of this deck, I believe, and has more prominent borders than the first.  The images may also be different (some people have said).  The backs of this and the Cherry are the same, though, so you can use them together if you want to.  I'll try to do a video review of them, as it's a very cute idea!

Lilac Twilight Lenormand
Today's draw brings us the House, the Birds and the Mountain.

Gossip at home is an obstacle.
Family talk is a burden.
Nervousness about stability is itself a challenge.
Moving from home to an outdoor environment happens through talking about what you want: I'm thinking holidays, here :)

For me, today, this feels like it's about my therapy.  It seems I will have to end with my therapist later this year, after nearly five years seeing him.  I'm starting to worry about it already - he has provided a lot of stability and insight over these years, and I appreciate him a lot.  However, things change, and people's needs change - both his and mine.  I guess this draw says to me that, seeing as I'm worrying about it anyway, I'd better talk it over with him...

I am grateful for the years of helpful therapy I have had.

Update: I spoke to my therapist, and it turns out that what was a deal-breaker for my last therapist, is something he feels happy to work with.  So, we won't have to finish :)  I am grateful I spoke to him, otherwise I would have worried about it for the next few weeks!

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