Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Old Castle

This lovely, gothic-themed Lenormand deck comes from the same company in Russia that also created the Lilac Twilight and Cherry Twilight decks (keep your eyes out for those later this week!)  However, the website is only in Russian, and google translate doesn't seem to work for the subpages where you order and so forth, so the only way I know to get them is via a group order with someone who speaks Russian (hence no link).

Being a fan of all things gothic, I was delighted when this deck arrived.  It has some nice, gruesome touches, like the skulls under the Fox, and the shadowy wolves in the clouds above the paths in the Fork card :)

Mysteries of the Old Castle Lenormand

So, today's draw is Lillies, Fox and Fork.  On a dark riff:

Skillful sexuality brings choices.
An elder makes instinctual choices.
In following your instincts, do you choose harmony, or to walk your own path?
Using cunning and the wisdom of your elders to make better decisions.

The last two, in particular, seem like they might be useful.  Should we be following our instincts, or considering what decision is "best".  And how is that "best" defined?

It's certainly true that I often try to keep the peace, rather than following my own instincts.  And sometimes that may be for the best, but other times it might not be.  Today, I shall try to stay aware of my motivations and choices.  Not that I have anything much in mind - Big Boy is off school again, this time due to a tummy bug, rather than the inclement weather *doh*  Still, plenty of choices in motherly tasks, too, and keeping the peace with a cranky child or doing what is "best" for him...

I am grateful that there are always choices in life.


  1. Ohh! You girls are going to snag me yet into the Lenormond loop LOL! And this deck is calling my name. But if you know how I can get my kitty paws in the original Lilac Twilight Lenormond PLEASE let me know Chloë!! Or of you have an extra copy I could purchase from you perhaps. I know less than zero about Lenormond but I know I MUST have that deck lol!
    Healing thoughts to BB xx <3

    1. Hiya Krysten,

      I only have the second edition of the Lilac Twilight, I'm afraid. It's also a lovely deck, I'll be blogging with it on Thursday, and hope to get around to doing a video review of it and the companion Cherry Twilight...

      Thanks for the healing thoughts, he's sleeping fitfully, poor sick boy!


  2. Looks like a wonderful deck. I've never tried a Lenormand deck but this one I want.

    1. Ha ha, there's always one that catches us, right? ;)

    2. Definitely :)

      I've had problems connecting with a couple of tarot decks so I'm still searching for 'the one'.

    3. Ah, I'm not sure there's such a thing as "the one" in cards or anything else. But if you can at least find the "right now"... :D

  3. Now, didn't I ask you about the Lilac Twilight a while back, and all I heard was you couldn't figure out how to order it...I should have known nothing would stand between you and a deck! ;)

    Hope Big Boy feels better soon.

    1. Well, shortly after you asked me about it, and I'd given up in disgust, a group order opportunity came up... I'm not strong enough to say no to a group order ;)

      Big Boy is better today, back at school - yay!

  4. Haha...I like the skillful sexuality interpretation. Go for it! ;)

    This trio is so enigmatic...I am not sure what to think of it. Our family loves foxes so I am drawn to the look of this.

    I have been pondering the act of choice-making a lot lately. If you ask me I've been pondering it too much and not acting enough, but I'm coming out of inactivity.

    There's a definite spiritual feel to this trio. It remind me a little of the book I'm reading by Deepak Chopra: The Book of Secrets. It's wonderful if you haven't read it. It has been giving me a lot of 'a-ha!' moments. It has also helped me to some extent with personal choices.

    Hope you have a swell end of the week.


  5. Hi MM,

    That does sound interesting, I'll check it out. Hope it help you with your choice-making :)

    Have a swell end of week, too!

  6. Or.......deception in a matter of sex precipitates the necessity of making a choice.

  7. How many inches are the cards? Are they larger like the Cherry twilight cards? Thanks Chole I always watch your youtube reviews on cards.

    1. Hi Paul, yes, they are like the Cherry Twilight cards :) Good luck making your choice!